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Terrazzo Restoration

This blog will discus the systems used to restore terrazzo. I am creating this blog in order to clear up a lot of confusion associated with terrazzo floors. I talk to several homeowners interested in restoring their terrazzo floors every day. Many have already attempted to have their terrazzo floors restored recently.

These days we see many companies come and go very quickly.  Lets face it, a lot of people are out of work and need to make money. They look at terrazzo restoration as a way to make money easily. The problem is that quality terrazzo restoration skills take years to develop. I have spent many late nights trying to understand the best techniques in terrazzo restoration. That can lead to some surprising discoveries. Some of the things we have learned defied logic. When they work you think, how is that even possible, but they move our system forward.

What works on one terrazzo floor may take another backwards. There are so many techniques and systems and orders that I am confident we are the only company that uses our system. We will always woke to make our system better.

I promise I will not show any pictures on WordPress contain a topical sealer or finish without identifying them as such. All of the pictures on this page are diamond polished and sealed with an impregnating sealer, This sealer goes in the floor, but not on the floor. These terrazzo floors shine on their own, with no artificial help.

I will admit that my company’s terrazzo restoration system has been in constant flux, as new products and techniques have evolved. . I cannot count the times we have had to start a restoration over after nearing completion, but we all know that the road to perfection is paved with sweat, disgust and perseverance. I am not about to stand here and say we have reached perfection, but I do believe we have left our competition behind. I spent 23 years in the US Army and was taught how to create separation between myself and others.

In the past several months Safe Dry has honed our process to be the best anywhere. We have learned from others, but not been afraid to try new things. All of the pictures on these blogs are from jobs recently completed. We do that to show it did not take years, or even several months to generate enough pictures for a great portfolio. Take a few minutes and check out this blog. By the end I hope you will have a much greater understanding of terrazzo restoration systems and types.

In the past several months we have refined our terrazzo restoration process. These tweaks have helped us to get an even better shine with our terrazzo polishing. We added a step and made a slight change on another step. We already had great looking terrazzo  floors, but I think these changes have taken our floors up a notch..

At SafeDry we promise to always stay up to date on all the newest products and test them, so we can stay ahead of all our completion and give our customers the best looking floors possible.

Terrazzo restoration Englewood

Terrazzo restoration sarasota

Terrazzo restoration fort MyersThis picture was taken on a terrazzo restoration job we did in Naples.This is our HTC 500 floor grinder on a Naples Florida job.This is our polished terrazzo floor done in Naples Florida.This picture is from a terrazzo restoration in Orland Florida.This terrazzo was polished to a high shine in Orlando Florida.This is a picture from a terrazzo restoration in Lakeland Florida.This is an image from a Sarasota Florida terrazzo restoration.This picture was taken after a terrazzo polishing in Sarasota Florida.This photo was taken during a terrazzo restoration in Leesburg Florida.


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