Terrazzo Restoration Fort Myers, Sarasota, Englewood, Venice and Bradenton

SafeDry Terrazzo Restoration



This post will cover some pictures not yet posted on the site. SafeDry has been busy looking for the newest terrazzo restoration technology. My name is Joe Martin and I spent twenty three years in the military. I feel that to be the best you must remain fluid. You have to know all the latest advances in your field. Nowhere is that more important than terrazzo restoration. ]Terrazzo restoration has seen a great resurgence over the past several years. That resurgent is greatly due to the new diamond polishing technology. The days of stripping and waxing every year or two are over. Now we can shine your floor and not create the illusion of a shiny floor.

Diamond polished floors have a true mirror reflection. With no finish to bend the light and reflection the image you see in your floor is true. When people see your floor they will know they are looking at art. SafeDry does not create the art, we just enhance it. Now lets get back to the subject at hand.

SafeDry was at this years World of Concrete. We were there last year too. We want to know all the latest advances in our field. We promise to always search out and use the best advances in our field and institute the advances into our system. My military background taught me that to be the best first it has to be your goal. Then you must implement a program that allows you to grow and improve. Last you must set standards. Those standards never be neglected.

It is not up to SafeDry Terrazzo Restoration to say we are the best. We leave that to our customers.

Terrazzo Restoration Clearwater

Fire Damaged Terrazzo Restoration

Terrazzo Floor Restoration Englewood

Our 400 pound terrazzo grinder

Terrazzo Floor Restoration

Terrazzo Restoration Englewood

terrazzo floors
Polished TerrazzoTerrazzo restoration sarasotaterrazzo restoration Fort Myers


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  1. I used a local terrazo restoration company for my entryway and two bathrooms. The result is so-so. The terrazo is basically shiny and lovely, but still stained in places and the reparing of chips in the terrazzo looks very odd and is not stable. I live in Lehigh Acres and have an area of about 400 ft that I am considering having restored, but I want it to be done right. Can you give me a possible estimate?The area is covered by a carpet that has been glued and nailed to the terrazzo.

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