Terrazzo Restoration Winter Haven





This blog is from a terrazzo restoration we did in Winter Haven Florida. This flloor is nearly fifty years old, but came out looking great. Florida has a lot of old terrazzo. These floors can, often times, be restored to look great.

The floors at this job were in very bad shape. The owners tried to restore them an their own, but soon realized they were wasting their time. Old terrazzo needs to be grinded and restored. This should be a once in a lifetime event. We love to restore these old terrazzo floors.

Today terrazzo is seeing a resurgent. It is being installed and terrazzo tile is even being sold. Terrazzo countertops are the rage. Why not? If you can restore a 50 year old floor to look like this then imagine how great a new floor could look.

Terrazzo restoration after

Terrazzo Restoration After

Terrazzo restoration Winter Haven
Terrazzo Before

Terrazzo BeforePolished Terrazzo Floors

Polished Terrazzo Floor

Polished Terrazzo Floor


Terrazzo After

Polished Terrazzo Floors


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