Terrazzo Restoration Orlando Wow Shine




  Terrazzo Restoration Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, Venice, Cape Coral

I want to share some pictures from a job we did in Orlando a couple of weeks ago. This terrazzo floor came out looking great. SafeDry used no topical finish or sealer on this floor. This shows how great terrazzo floors can look when properly restored. When you consider that this floor is nearly 50 years old it makes you wonder why anyone would cover terrazzo flooring. When you consider the terrazzo floor cost of installation today at around $30 sf, the cost of terrazzo restoration is very reasonable.

Terrazzo flooring has a great restorative value. It is both the flooring of the past and the future. As we turn towards a green society many understand why restoring your terrazzo is such a great choice. Carpeting uses a lot of petroleum products in its production and nearly every backing is made of polypropylene. That is a synthetic product made from oil. Every time you replace your carpet you are using non renewable resources. The terrazzo floor under that carpet might. be from forty to sixty years old, but can still look great if properly restored.

We restore some floors that have never been covered and they often come out looking better than the terrazzo floors that have been covered. Carpet and tile can damage terrazzo. If a floor can look as great as this after fifty years then what is its life? one hundred years, two hundred years?Always consider restoring your terrazzo floors and not covering them up. Now is a good time before the summer when you can save a lot of money on your power bill. Terrazzo will keep your home cooler and save a lot on your power bill.

terrazzo afterTerrazzo Restoration OrlandoTerrazzo Restoration Before

terrazzo restoration afterterrazzo afterterrazzo restoration Orlando

terrazzo restorationterrazzo after

terrazzo polishingterrazzo reflections


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