Sarasota Terrazzo Restoration Art


Over the years SafeDry has done a lot of terrazzo restoration. That is the main focus of this company. In the last several months we have achieved a level of shine we feel is at the top of our industry. We should remember that terrazzo is art. though few, if any, of Florida’s old terrazzo restorations return a perfect floor, most floors can be restored to a beautiful finished product. Remember that terrazzo floors are handcrafted art. Every floor is different.

At SafeDry we do not have one set way to restore terrazzo flooring. Different floors respond differently then others to polishing. We start with metal bond diamond tooling to get into the floor and under years of dirt and abuse. When we get to the polishing grits we have four different types of diamond tooling we use in a variety of ways to get the best shine possible for your terrazzo floors.

As stated earlier  terrazzo flooring is art. The mixture of marble colors as well as the system of broadcasting and color of cement all add up to a finished floor that can be breath-taking.

The floor I will feature in this blog is a work of art in itself. This house had no windows in the original construction, but sliding doors in every room. I wonder if the original designer ever knew how great this house could look with the terrazzo polishing steps and systems of today.

At SafeDry we do not create the art, we enhance it. The many angles of this Sarasota home lend themselves to true art. We used every diamond polishing tool we could to show off the atriums and screen rooms that surround this beautiful, historic Florida home. Check out the pictures and let me know if you think these floors are art. Call us with any questions you have on terrazzo and terrazzo restoration.Terrazzo Restoration Sarasota Before Restoration

This Terrazzo Restoratiion done in Sarasota is artThis is the Sarasota terrazzo restoration after polishing.Terrazzo as art.


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    • The maintenance is dust mopping and cleaning with a ph7 cleaner. That is a daily stone cleaner. Under normal use the floor will not need polishing for seven to ten years and then only the highest polishing grits.

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