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This blog will show a terrazzo restoration done in Venice Florida in August of 2011. We removed the vinyl from the kitchen and restored the terrazzo floor. This floor was installed in the 1950s and is a great floor. We spent a couple of days restoring this terrazzo floor and the results could not have been better. I never get tired of seeing great looking terrazzo flooring.

When terrazzo was first installed in Florida they would grind to around 200 grit and put a finish on the floor. Today we use diamonds to polish to a very high shine. This floor shows how a terrazzo floor can look better than any floor installed today, without any tricks or recrystallization. We do not even use polishing powders any more. We used to use terrazzo polishing powders at the end of jobs, but now find they degrade the shine on the floor. Our shine has come so far that using these products remove shine and makes the floor look worse.

We now use diamond polishing exclusively. Some companies will tell you that you have to use polishing powders. I will challenge any of them to match our beautiful terrazzo floors. We never show all of our techniques in our blogs. Our company has spent a lot of time and money testing and developing our system and will not share it with anyone.

Check out how great this floor came out and if you need terrazzo restoration do not hesitate to give me a call. We can give a close price on the phone, or give you  an exact price in person. Thank you and I hope you have a great day. Joe Martin, Safe Dry President.


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  1. Hey Joe!
    This is Kevin Stanley from Tarpon Coast Realty. You & your crew restored the Terrazzo floors for my client in the house located @ 1766 Coconut Dr. Venice, Fl. Just wanted to let you know that the FIRST couple to view the house made an offer & it is now under contract waiting for the closing date! Just wanted to say THANKS, as the quality & condition of the restored Terrazzo Floors are a big reason that they made their offer! Best regards! Kevin Stanley. 941.716.0564

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