Terrazzo Restoration



SafeDry does terrazzo restoration in Naples, Cape Coral, Venice, Fort Myers, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Tampa, Sarasota, Bradenton, New Port Richey, Brandon, , Orlando, Lakeland, Gainesville, West Palm and everywhere in between.

SafeDry has invested a lot of time and money to produce the best terrazzo restoration anywhere. We do 100% diamond grinding without and tricks, topical coatings or recrystallization. Our system gives you the longest lasting terrazzo shine anywhere. For this blog I will show only pictures after restoration. If you copy and paste the phone number from this page into the Google search box you will see a lot of before and after pictures. Later we will add many terrazzo restoration before and after pictures to this blog. Here I want to focus on how great we make the terrazzo floors we restore look. Our company does terrazzo for the same cost as most reputable competitors.


The difference is we spend more to do your floors than any other company. We use a 400 pound planetary grinder. This helps us easily get glue and other problems out of the floor that competitors struggle with. Terrazzo floors are seeing a great resurgent’s in Florida, as well as around the world. These days there are not many homes being built, so consumers want to fix up older homes. That has sparked a retro movement in Florida.


People no longer buy homes and tear out the old pink bathroom fixtures. They are stocking them in some antique shops. I have seen many yellow, purple, green and pink bathrooms kept and not torn out. Florida terrazzo is also in high demand. Today we can make a sixty year old floor look better than any installed floor. Terrazzo is also the greenest flooring.


Terrazzo is cleaned with a neutral ph7 cleaner. These cleaners are no rinse formulas that pose no threat to the environment. The floors will never need replaced. We have restored seventy year old floors to look better then they have ever looked. If the homes are around one one hundred more years the floor will still be there. Today terrazzo floors are seeing a great resurgent’s. If you were to install a terrazzo floor today the cost would start at around $26 a square foot. Many airports are tearing out carpet in installing terrazzo because of its inexpensive upkeep cost. I have yet to visit an airport that does not have terrazzo floors. In closing, if you want the best looking, longest lasting greenest floor possible, look under you carpet, you might be surprised to find out there is terrazzo under there. By Joe Martin


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