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Terrazzo Restoration by SafeDry


Terrazzo Restoration By SafeDry


Port Charlotte has a lot of homes built during the Florida terrazzo era. I have restored many of these terrazzo floors in Florida homes over the years. The terrazzo floor I will show in this blog was in bad shape. The crew spent just over three days to get this floor into shape. We face many challenges in our field, but have a lot of tools to deal with almost any problem. This terrazzo floor had stains throughout, but we had three nights to treat them and got almost every stain out. When we were through the floor looked great and check out the shine. Like every floor we do this floor has no topical coating. The shine you see is the floor and the shine will last from eight to ten years under normal use before it will need polished.

This image shows a terrazzo floor before restorationThis is an image taken after full terrazzo restoration This floor terrazzo was restored in Port charlotte Terrazzo Floor after diamond polishingThis living room terrazzo looked dull and stained.  This kitchen floor needed complete terrazzo restoraitonSame Floor after diamond polished terrazzo restorationDiamond Polished Terrazzo Terrazzo Restoration after Port CharlotteBedroom before terrazzo resotration Terrazzo Floor restored using diamonds to grind and polish,Terrazzo Restoration diamond polished to a high shine.


Terrazzo Restoration Before and After Pictures 877-824-0501


Check out all the pictures we have posted from our terrazzo restorations. You will find a lot of before and after pictures of terrazzo floors we have restored. Feel free to call us with any questions or if you would like a free estimate to get your terrazzo floors restored. Joe Martin, SafeDry president. We restore floors that have had everything from carpet to wood, vinyl or ceramic tile installed. Below are some pictures that show some of our before and after terrazzo restoration jobs we have done.

Terrazzo floor before polishing. Terrazzo floor after polishingDuring terrazzo polishing, the floor is ground down a small amount to start diamond polishing. Perfect reflection of the tree in the floor after jobThe terrazzo floor before polishingDiamond polishing brings out the stones and shine in the floorHere's another view of the reflection on the floor.Polishing brightens up the floor.You can see the trees outside coming through on the floor.Before restoration, the terrazzo floor is darkenedThe floor brightened up and shined like many others.

Shinny Terrazzo Is Non Slippery Terrazzo



I recently spoke to a man who had two terrazzo floors restored. They were both done by different companies. The man wanted shinny terrazzo floors in these homes. He was told he did not want them shinny as this would cause them to be slippery. If a terrazzo restoration company tels you this that are ignorant, lying or both. ASafeDry diamond polishes terrazzo. Our system involves all diamond grinding and polishing. I have never seen a diamond polished terrazzo floor that was slippery. Granted I work mostly with Portland cement based terrazzo and these floors are old Florida terrazzo floors, so that is what they are. Test show diamond polished terrazzo flooring is well within OCEA standards wet or dry. 

There are a lot of terrazzo restorers in Florida that know little or nothing about what they are trying to do. I tend to believe the people doing these floors were trying to convince this customer he did not want a shinny floor because they could not produce a shinny floor. We do not put a topical coating on our terrazzo floors we restore. We also do not do recrystallization on terrazzo floors. Topical finishes can cause terrazzo floors to be more slippery. If you end up  with a shinny terrazzo floor then why put something on top. The floor will not look better. Diamond polishing produces a true, mirror like, reflection that outlast any finish by many many years. Finishes can be glary and yellow over time leaving your floor looking much darker and needing stripped and redone every year or so.  Diamond polishing puts more floor on your shoe. That is the main reason the floor is less slippery. When SafeDry Diamond polishes our goal is the very shiniest floor possible. We have spent a lot of money and time developing a system that takes out the most stains, brings back the original color and gives our customers the shiniest terrazzo  floor in our industry.  

In the past few weeks we have talked to folks who have, in this case, been told they did not want a shinny floor, when they in fact did want that very thing. Another customer who had his floor done and stains worked on and when he was not happy he told the company not to seal it as he was dissatisfied. He paid the tech and left as the tech cleaned up his things. After the customer left the room the tech walked around and poured acid on the floor. This tech was the owner of the company. We restored this floor to look beautiful. It had a low shine, many stains, holes that were improperly filled and deep deep acid burns. Another man had a company restorede his floor and they stopped five polishing steps before we do. The result was a low shine and uneven floor. They were clueless as to how to edge as it appeired the did not even try. We do the edges of terrazzo floors with a hand tool. We can also go near the edge with our HTC grinder, but if you do not edge with a hand tool you will fail to get them to look even and shinny.

When you consider which terrazzo restoration company you want to hire remember there are many types of terrazzo restoration out there and a lot of the companies lack the knowledge to complete the job properly. In the next couple of years most of these companies will be gone, but in there place will be other companies trying to sell you the same lines. We will still be here, as we have been for many years, doing the very best job we can to produce the shiniest best restored terrazzo possible.

By Joe Martin



Shinny terrazzo floorTerrazzo floor restored in Palm Harbor  

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Terrazzo Restoration Cape Coral




At SafeDry we cover much of the state of Florida with our terrazzo restoration. We do a lot of terrazzo floors up and down the west coast of Florida.  One of our favorite place to restore terrazzo is Cape Coral. We have done many beautiful floors in Cape Coral. In light of that fact I wanted to show off some of our pictures from there, as well as some others, to show just how great we can make those forty to fifty year old terrazzo floors look. When we restore terrazzo flooring we grind and polish without using any topical finish. Our terrazzo floors will last seven to ten years, under normal use, without needing further polishing. They never need stripped. When the floors are done in the future, you only need polishing grits in open areas. I hope everyone enjoys these pictures and if you have any question please feel free to give us a call.   By Joe Martin 

SafeDry offers terrazzo restoration in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, Marco Island, Port Charlotte, North Port, Englewood, Venice, Sarasota, Bradenton and most of west and central Florida. 


Terrazzo Restoration


SafeDry does terrazzo restoration in Naples, Cape Coral, Venice, Fort Myers, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Tampa, Sarasota, Bradenton, New Port Richey, Brandon, , Orlando, Lakeland, Gainesville, West Palm and everywhere in between.

SafeDry has invested a lot of time and money to produce the best terrazzo restoration anywhere. We do 100% diamond grinding without and tricks, topical coatings or recrystallization. Our system gives you the longest lasting terrazzo shine anywhere. For this blog I will show only pictures after restoration. If you copy and paste the phone number from this page into the Google search box you will see a lot of before and after pictures. Later we will add many terrazzo restoration before and after pictures to this blog. Here I want to focus on how great we make the terrazzo floors we restore look. Our company does terrazzo for the same cost as most reputable competitors.


The difference is we spend more to do your floors than any other company. We use a 400 pound planetary grinder. This helps us easily get glue and other problems out of the floor that competitors struggle with. Terrazzo floors are seeing a great resurgent’s in Florida, as well as around the world. These days there are not many homes being built, so consumers want to fix up older homes. That has sparked a retro movement in Florida.


People no longer buy homes and tear out the old pink bathroom fixtures. They are stocking them in some antique shops. I have seen many yellow, purple, green and pink bathrooms kept and not torn out. Florida terrazzo is also in high demand. Today we can make a sixty year old floor look better than any installed floor. Terrazzo is also the greenest flooring.


Terrazzo is cleaned with a neutral ph7 cleaner. These cleaners are no rinse formulas that pose no threat to the environment. The floors will never need replaced. We have restored seventy year old floors to look better then they have ever looked. If the homes are around one one hundred more years the floor will still be there. Today terrazzo floors are seeing a great resurgent’s. If you were to install a terrazzo floor today the cost would start at around $26 a square foot. Many airports are tearing out carpet in installing terrazzo because of its inexpensive upkeep cost. I have yet to visit an airport that does not have terrazzo floors. In closing, if you want the best looking, longest lasting greenest floor possible, look under you carpet, you might be surprised to find out there is terrazzo under there. By Joe Martin


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Terrazzo Restoration Venice Florida 877-824-0501


This blog will show a terrazzo restoration done in Venice Florida in August of 2011. We removed the vinyl from the kitchen and restored the terrazzo floor. This floor was installed in the 1950s and is a great floor. We spent a couple of days restoring this terrazzo floor and the results could not have been better. I never get tired of seeing great looking terrazzo flooring.

When terrazzo was first installed in Florida they would grind to around 200 grit and put a finish on the floor. Today we use diamonds to polish to a very high shine. This floor shows how a terrazzo floor can look better than any floor installed today, without any tricks or recrystallization. We do not even use polishing powders any more. We used to use terrazzo polishing powders at the end of jobs, but now find they degrade the shine on the floor. Our shine has come so far that using these products remove shine and makes the floor look worse.

We now use diamond polishing exclusively. Some companies will tell you that you have to use polishing powders. I will challenge any of them to match our beautiful terrazzo floors. We never show all of our techniques in our blogs. Our company has spent a lot of time and money testing and developing our system and will not share it with anyone.

Check out how great this floor came out and if you need terrazzo restoration do not hesitate to give me a call. We can give a close price on the phone, or give you  an exact price in person. Thank you and I hope you have a great day. Joe Martin, Safe Dry President.

Terrazzo Restoration Naples, Fort Myers


Naples and Fort Myers offers a lot of great terrazzo. I have restored many old homes in this area and wanted to show some pictures and a video from some recent terrazzo restoration jobs. We have adjusted and changed our system a little with great results. Out floors have always been among the best looking in the business. Check out the pictures and let me know what you think.