Commercial Terrazzo Restoration


Commercial terrazzo floors hold a great opportunity for any terrazzo restoration company. They also come with a lot of potential problems. In this blog we will cover a terrazzo floor restoration just finished in Palmetto, Florida. This floor has pink Portland cement as well as pink and white marble stones. The terrazzo restoration took three days. We had to keep one elevator available for the entire job. The end result was a terrazzo floor that no longer had a coating on top. Instead it was totally diamond polished and the floor shined like it never had before. We used a premium stone sealer so the floor will stay protected for many years to come.

The floor had been stripped and finished every six months before SafeDry restored it. If you look at some of the before pictures you will see a lot of glare on the floor. In the after pictures the glare is gone. This terrazzo restoration will save the building a lot of maintenance cost over the years as well as the inconvenience of having the terrazzo floor redone every six months.  Enough with all the small talk. Check out the pictures. By Joe Martin, SafeDry President.

Here is another commercial terrazzo restoration done in Venice, Florida. This floor is eighty-six years old and had glue down carpet on it for the last several years. We scraped up the glue and restored the terrazzo using our twelve step process. The terrazzo was installed in four square foot sections. The sections are divided with copper strips. This terrazzo restoration took three days. As you can see this Venice nursing home was hiding the centerpiece of their dining room. Give us a call with any of your terrazzo restoration questions. By Joe Martin 877-824-0501.


Click for the BBB Business Review of this Marble & Terrazzo Cleaning & Service in Dade City FL


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