Was Your Terrazzo Restoration Company in Over Their Heads?




It seems that more and more often, of late, we are going in to restore a terrazzo floor that was already done by another company. In fact, in the last three weeks as of the writing of this page, we have done three homes that had been done by another company. Two of these home were just finished. At SafeDry we would never take a terrazzo floor job we did not think we could make look great. We use a four hundred pound grinder, so we can get under a lot of stains and problems. We also use products to and remove stains before we start the job. The two jobs I will show here had different problems. The first one was never diamond polished, but took over three times as long to do.

We started from scratch and got the floor to look great. The before pictures were taken after the floor had been treated and lightened. The last company, that did the floor two weeks prior, was ready to coat the floor. The restoration was finished. We talk to many people who say their friend say they will never be happy with their restored terrazzo. If you look at these before pictures you can understand their point, but not every terrazzo restoration company is equal.

IMG_0129bradr IMG_0131brabr0IMG_0128 bralr2bralr0 bralrIMG_0124 bra2brbrababrabr2 IMG_0123 brakit0 brakit

The next floor I will show is a floor that was restored a couple of weeks prior. It took six and a half days for the other company to do the floor. You can see by the pictures that the floor did not look very good. I could see lines from the topical coating on the floor. The floor did not look diamond polished. We started over with a 40 grit metal bond diamond. It took us two days to finish the job. Maybe the company that did the job first was simply in over their heads. You make the call.

IMG_0073IMG_0072sarabr1 IMG_0074sarabrIMG_0077saralr2IMG_0081saralr3 saralr4IMG_0066saradrsaralrdr


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