I Chose the Wrong Terrazzo Restoraion Company



That is the line I hear all the time. Finding a good terrazzo restoration company can be like finding a needle in a haystack. The best terrazzo restoration companies diamond polish without the use of acids or topical coatings. They do not look for trick systems that cut the number of grits needed to do the job. I have tested these types of products and they do not work. The right restoration company can give you a brilliant, shiny, long-lasting floor that is not slippery.  

This article will detail a job just finished in Venice, Florida. We were hired by a man who buys homes and restores them. When there is terrazzo he restores it. The last two homes he did with terrazzo did not end up shiny. He was told that he did not want a shiny floor as that would make it slippery. The truth is, if the floor is done right, the shinier the floor the less slippery it will be. Diamond grinding created a non-slippery very shiny terrazzo floor. This man hired us to restore the terrazzo floor in a home in the same area as the other homes he recently had done.

The home underwent a lot of restoration and remodeling so we had over 250 holes to fill. At the conclusion of the job most fills were hard to find. We spent most of three days to restore this terrazzo floor and at the end the floor was very non-slippery and had a very high shine. When a company tells you that you do not want a shiny terrazzo floor send them on their way and keep looking. Terrazzo floors are around 85% marble. Why would you want anything but a shiny floor? These companies lack the knowledge or experience to do the job right. I suggest a company do at least ten steps of terrazzo restoration to get the floor done right. Please check out the pictures from the job in Venice and let me know what you think. By Joe Martin, SafeDry President. 877-824-0501 email joe@safedry.com 



DSCN1654 IMG_1073

IMG_1527 lr-after4

DSCN1417 DSCN1420



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