Terrazzo Restoration Naples, Fort Myers



Terrazzo Restoration Naples, Fort Myers 

SafeDry provides terrazzo restoration in the Naples and Fort Myers area. Our system experience and hard work, along with our dedication to be the best terrazzo restoration company anywhere has resulted in a product that is unsurpassed by our competition. The Naples and Fort Myers area has some beautiful terrazzo flooring.

These old floors can look better than any floor installed today. Many of our customers call us after calling a carpet or wood installation company and having the installer ask why they wanted to cover their terrazzo. Others have friends telling them the same thing.

If you have terrazzo flooring then check out some of our pictures and videos so you can see how great terrazzo flooring can look. All the floors in these pictures are from Naples. We can restore almost any terrazzo flooring.

Glue on Terrazzo Flooring 

We can remove glue from terrazzo floors almost every time. Years ago when SafeDry used a swing machine to restore terrazzo we had a lot of trouble eliminating glue from terrazzo. The glue I am talking about is the glue used to hold carpet pad to the floor. Since we started using our 400 pound planetary grinder we have completely eliminated that glue from terrazzo floors over 95% of the time. The system used by others has a hard time digging into the glue.

Terrazzo Repair

Terrazzo Crack Repair:

Many terrazzo floors we restore have cracks. Most terrazzo cracks never need filled because our system grinds them flat and makes them very hard to find. Many of our customers find that hard to believe, but seeing is believing. If the crack is not disappearing after grinding we can then fill them. We fill terrazzo cracks with pigmented epoxy or cement. That depends on what we think will look best.

Terrazzo Hole Repair

Terrazzo hole filling technology is changing fast. We often times fill holes with pigmented epoxy and match the Portland cement color as well as adding stones that match the color of the stones in the terrazzo floor. Many times these holes come from removing nails that hold tack strip in place. These nails should always be cut by a professional. Much better to have a cut, polished nail in the floor then a repair the size of a quarter. If you have any questions about your terrazzo flooring, or would like a free in home estimate on terrazzo restoration cost just give us a call or drop me an email @ joe@SafeDry.com. Written by Joe Martin, SafeDry President

Terrazzo floor before restoration     Terrazzo Restoration Before Restoration Terrazzo Restoration Fort MyersTerrazzo Restoration After Polishing  Terrazzo Restoration Grinder during Grinding.Terrazzo Restoration after   Terrazzo Restoration after polishin. Best Terrazzo Perfect reflection out the front door.Terrazzo Restoration after Terrazzo Floor without a topical coating.window view terrazzoTerrazzo reflection showing the safedry owner, Joe Martin


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